KhaddoKothon Doc


  • Theme Installation

    1. First, log into your WordPress site.
    2. Once logged in, go to Appearance > Themes and at the very top you will see a button called Add New. Click this button.
    3. In the “Search themes” field, type in Khaddokothon
    4. You will see Khaddokothon appear on your screen.
    5. Click Install, and then click Activate.
    Install theme using FTP:
    1. Unzip the download package.
    2. You will find two zip file if you have pro version, khaddokothon & khaddokothon-child, Unzip them both.
    3. Upload khaddokothon & khaddokothon-child both folder to the /wp-content/themes/ directory.
    4. Activate the theme or child theme (Pro) through the Themes menu in WordPress.
    Install theme manually (Pro):
    1. Appearance > Themes and at the very top you will see a button called Add New. Click this button.
    2. Click Upload Theme.
    3. Unzip the download package.
    4. You will find two zip file if you have pro version, khaddokothon & khaddokothon-child
    5. Choose  & click Install Now. Don’t activate it, if you want to use the child theme (Recommended)
    6. Choose  & click Install Now.
    7. Click the Activate button to activate the child theme.

    *** We recommend using Child theme, upload it after you’ve uploaded your main theme.

  • Theme Update

    Every now and then, an update will be released for KhaddoKothon. You should always make sure that you are using the most current version.

    All you have to do is go to Appearance > Themes and click on the Update Now link.

  • Install Recommended Plugins

    1. Once you have activated KhaddoKothon, you will be promted to install the KhaddoKothon Core Plugin, as well as Kirki, Mailchimp & Contact Form 7. These plugins are recommended, but you must install our Core plugin & kirki if you want to customize the theme like our demo & have a custom home page.
    2. For PRO users, you must also install “Advanced Custom Field Pro“. Otherwise you will miss some important features of the theme.
    3. When you have installed and activated the Kirki Plugin, go to `Appearance > Customizer` and start customizing your site.
    4. Mailchimp Plugin can be used in home `Subscribe` section & Contact form 7 can be used in Contact page. But you can use your own subscribe & contact form plugin.
    5. Core plugin gives you the ability to add social share & post view counter.
  • Child Theme

    We recommend you to use Child theme. You can customize it how you want, add css styles, functions etc. This way, when you get theme update, all your changes will be in place in child theme. Simply install and activate it after main theme.

  • Image Sizes

    Recommended size for post images is 730×488 pixels or make it 2x for better retina support. For home page featured & mosaic section 540×633 or make it 2x for better retina support.

  • Theme Menu

    Go to Appearance > Menus. Make sure that your menu is set to Primary Menu

  • Activate License (PRO)

    If you are PRO customer of the theme, please activate it using your license found in this page: My Account > View Licenses

    1. Go to Appearance > Theme License & put your license key in the License Key field, then click Save Changes.
    2. Activate License button will appear for you, click it to activate your theme license for this website.
    3. Like this you can also deactivate license if you want to use it for another website. But you can not use it for more than one website unless you have a extended license.


  • Logo & Favicon

    1. Go to Appearance > Customize and from the very top choose Site Identity [Free Version]
    2. Go to Appearance > Customize > Header Settings > Logo [Pro Version]
    3. Upload your logo by clicking Select Image button.
    4. You can also choose a different version of your logo, for both static & scroll mode.
    5. From Select site icon upload your own favicon.
  • Preloader

    From theme customizer select Preloader to choose whether you want to show a preloader before your content loads or not.

  • Header Settings

    From this tab, you can change settings of other header elements like Navbar, Search & Overlay color or disable it if your don’t want. All the setting names here are self explanatory, so I don’t think we have to explain it more.


  • Footer Widgets Area

    The Settings available for this Tab are:

    1. Show or Hide Footer widgets. By Default we hide it.
    2. Choose Footer widget column number here & then go to Appearance > Widgets to choose widgets for each column.
    3. You can select a background image or plain color for this area.
    4. Color setting is also available to make it more separate from other sections.
  • Copyright & Social

    You can change the copyright text to your own only if you have purchased a license for this theme. I have spent significant amount of time to code this theme, please give me some support. If you do not want to purchase a license, you can still use it however you want, but please don’t remove the footer credits. Thanks!

    This section has some useful settings, like:

    1. Background Color, Text Color, Link Color
    2. Activate your social profiles & link them.


If you are using our Home Page Template to display a custom home page like our demo, then you have to create a blog page separately to show your blog articles.

First create a page and then assign it as a posts page by going Settings > Reading & then select the page from A Static Page > Posts page

  • Blog Single Post Page

    This settings are for single post page, where the full article is shown. The Settings available for this Tab are:

    1. You can choose the layout. Full width, Right Sidebar or Left Sidebar
    2. Show or Hide Categories Meta, Tags Meta & Social Share.
  • Blog Index Settings

    The settings for this tab are for blog home page, where all of your articles are shown either in grid layout or list layout.

    This section has some useful settings, like:

    1. You can setup a custom heading title (if you want to make it different than the page title for some reason).
    2. Choose layout: Full widthRight Sidebar or Left Sidebar
    3. Choose Post Type: Grid or List
    4. Column number if it is a Grid Layout.
    5. Hide or show post meta.
    6. Hide or show excerpt & excerpt word counts/
  • Search Page Settings

    Useful settings of this tab are:

    1. Header Background for search page. Either image or plain color.
    2. Title before search query.
    3. Excerpt word counts.

Home Page

You will not see home page section settings by default. To get home page section settings you must create a page first with Home Page Template and then assign it as a front page by going Settings > Reading & then select the page from A Static Page > Homepage.

After you have done, visit the page at Frontend & then click Customize from top admin bar. Only after this you will get the Home Page Sections settings & make it like our demo.

  • Hero Section

    This section is shown at the top of the home page. The Settings available for this Tab are:

    1. You can show or hide the section
    2. Choose a background image or color.
    3. Heading, subheading & color settings
    4. Custom button which can be linked to anything you want.
  • Slider Section

    If you’ve purchased a PRO license, then you get to choose between standard or slider for hero section.

    1. Install a slider plugin you like.
    2. Create your slider for home page & collect the shortcode.
    3. Put the Shortcode in Slider Shortcode field.

    *** Any slider plugin will work as long as it has a Shortcode output.

  • Featured Section

    Settings are:

    1. Hide or show this section.
    2. How many posts to show. Must use 3 or more posts to make the carousel work.
    3. Choose a category for this section.
    4. Heading & description
  • Subscribe Section

    You will need a subscribe plugin for this section. You can use our recommended plugin or use something else you want. As long as the plugin can output a Shortcode it is enough. Paste Your Shortcode to a page & select the page from Dropdown.

  • Regular Section 2 column

    This is the section where you can show some post as a mosaic view. Settings available for this section are:

    1. Hide or show section.
    2. Total number of posts. Do not choose a lot of posts for this section. 4-8 posts are enough & looks good.
    3. Hide or show category name & a custom typography for it.
    4. Hide or show excerpt & excerpt word counts.
    5. Hide or show Button & Button text.
    6. Hide or Show Navigation, if the categories you choose have a lot of posts assigned in them you can show navigation, so the page does not go too long.
  • Category Section 3 column

    Home page 3 column bottom section.

    1. Hide or show this section.
    2. Heading & Description.
    3. Choose categories.

Some Other Settings

  1. Typography
    All typography related settings. Choose your font from more than 900+ google fonts.
  2. Theme Colors
    Unlimited colors, choose any color you like.
  3. 404 page
    Some settings for your 404 page. Like Custom heading banner, page title, heading, description etc.